One year of little things

Every couple of years or so, I like to partake in a personal project. I’ve done several 365s (one photo a day for a year – project 1, project 2, and project 3) and last year I completed a 1-second video (where I took a 1-second video everyday for a year, pretty self explanatory).

I started the summer going into my first year of university, and although sometimes tedious, the result was rewarding – I had just documented my entire first year away from home. Coming off the high of completing the project, I jumped right into another one – partly because it was a leap year and the idea of an extra photo excited me.

The first time I did this project from 2010-2011, I had a lot more spare time for photography and editing. It was right after high school and you can see the creativity in my photo ideas.

As I became busier with school work, socializing, and just life in general, the creativity in my photos seriously declined (I didn’t even number the photos from later years).

I’ve always been interested in photography – probably because as an only child, almost every moment of my life has been captured. The projects gave me an excuse to practice my skills and frankly, just take photos. 

Every time I took a boring photo I was sad nothing exciting was going on to document. I now realize that that’s okay. Life isn’t always supposed to be exciting. Sometimes you – get off a plane in the Czech Republic, take an 8-hour overnight bus to Poland, go on a depressing 6-hour tour, get back on the overnight bus back to Prague, and go to an X Ambassadors concert at night. And sometimes you just watch tv all day with your significant other (if you ever need a show to binge in a day I highly recommend The Sinner).

So this past year, instead of trying to find something amazing and epic in my life, I decided to document one little thing that made me happy that day. I essentially captured the happiest moments of being 25.

I started the project on May 1, 2017 and ended it yesterday, April 30, 2018.

Here are some of my favourites: 

May 27 –


June 27 – First dates.

July 8 –

FullSizeRender-1 2

August 30 – AN OPEN DOME

September 16 – Touching Pierre Bouvier’s arm.

October 10 – Feta cheese.

November 22 – Heat pads.

December 17 – Being able to sleep on planes.

January 19 – Best friends who bring you Benadryl.

February 14 – Room service.

March 6 – When you get the printer to work.

April 2 – Free miso soup.

Enjoy the little things.