Goodbye backpacking.


Instead of walking down the beach we decided to eat breakfast at our hostel’s restaurant – it wasn’t completely terrible.

Our planned adventure for the day was to visit Koh Lanta National Park with Sarah and Mehr, but Mehr had heat stroke so she opted to stay home. Our first challenge was to find a way there…

We walked 10 mins in the hot hot sun to the 7 ELEVEN to grab snacks and a picnic lunch for the day. We asked the cashiers to call us a taxi. Being in Thailand they obviously had no idea what we were talking about. After a huge language barrier they told us to walk down the road and find a taxi or Tuk Tuk. Eventually we found a man willing to take us to the park for cheap (1,500 baht for the 4 of us, so $56 CDN), however, the Tuk Tuk wasn’t strong enough (or big enough – we were basically sitting knee to knee) so we had to travel back to his house to get his van. The van was the only vehicle that was able to climb the hills apparently. We chose not to bike there – throughout our trip we had seen at least 5 people injured because of motorbike accidents.



The ride there was super bumpy with huge hills. I was super thankful we decided not to bike there or I’d probably still have a scar from falling.


When we first got there we were told about a 2km hike on a nature trail so we grabbed some water, saw a Komodo Dragon (casual) and headed to the trail. We were warned about monkeys trying to steal our things.


The nature trail was super hot and we accidentally hiked it backwards – we had steep steps going up, but a pretty easy way down. We learned some things about the trees and plants that I honestly can’t remember…


The world’s most awkward photo.


1512400_10152865272568857_1509616929595928588_nAfter the walk we asked someone to take our photo, Jordan, and it turned out he’s from the States – Colorado to be specific. He had been working at basketball camp in Thailand for a while, and was about to head back to the States. He asked to join us because he hadn’t actually hung out with females in a while.


We headed to the “lookout” part of the park that was next to an old lighthouse. It had one of the prettiest views I’ve ever seen.


The views in Koh Lanta, rather, the views in Krabi in general were just stunning. The islands so green, the water so blue.

Take me back please.

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After taking in the view and some pictures, we headed for the park’s beach. The beach was a lot better than the one by our hostel. The sand was sandier. The water was bluer. Calmer. Just everything about this park (minus the klepto monkeys) was great.



We headed back to the hostel and Jordan followed us back to play frisbee. He was brave and chose to motorbike everywhere. Part of our deal with the Tuk Tuk driver was to stay at the park while we were there, and pay him afterwards so we felt bad and bought him a Sprite – it was the LEAST we could do.

Frisbee, reading, swimming, reading and more tanning. It was a good day. We did our last beach yoga session at sunset and got ready for dinner.

Dinner was at the “Moonwalk.” A restaurant with cheap beer, great smoothies and okay food. We hung by the pool after dinner, chatted and then we were done for the night. My adventure was basically over but it ended on a high note.

Time to head to Malaysia and see my family – and time to fly on a plane by myself for the very first time.


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