Vacation from our vacation.

Having gone to bed super early we woke up semi-early again. Roamed down the beach, ate an “American Breakfast” and looked at day trips. The excursions from Koh Lanta seemed more expensive and very similar to the 7-island tour we had just done. We played frisbee, ate lunch down the beach and hung out by the pool.

For lunch I had yet another mango smoothie (it was happy hour and we were super excited) and fish and chips – just to change it up a bit.

Hot dogs or legs?

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De and Jenn decided to get Thai massages again, but being super burnt I opted for reading instead.

IMG_3150We got fresh coconuts on the beach and continued to work really hard at doing nothing. If you look carefully at the photo below you can see where I missed sunscreen (the red) and where my actual tan starts (the brown).

IMG_3157Because we spent the day by the pool we met a bunch of people. One sweet, young, couple from Morocco was staying at our bungalow. They were there because they were travelling the world for a year. They both quit their jobs, sold their house and left. (Any takers?) We also met two awesome German girls, Sarah and Mehr (pronounced Merny). Turns out they have cousins in Canada and have even visited Toronto before!

After beach yoga at sunset again we took a shower and headed to dinner on the beach with two of our new friends!

Beach yoga at sunset. ✔️

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I had fresh fish straight out of the water and a baked potato (…and of course a mango smoothie).IMG_3175

We planned to wake up and head to Koh Lanta National Park the next day, so for the night we actually had an excuse to go to bed early.


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