On the eight day we woke up semi-early and decided right away that we wanted to go to Koh Lanta. We booked a ferry ride to Koh Lanta through a tour agent right outside of our hostel and grabbed a fast meal at 7/11 – which are as common as a Tim Horton’s on every corner in Canada. I think I’ve packed the fastest I’ve ever packed in my entire life.

We took the 2.5 hour ferry ride and decided to sit on the front of the boat – thankfully we wore our bikinis because it was time to tan (aka burn).

You know how people joke about spreading sunscreen so that you don’t get handprints on your body? That’s not a thing for me in Canada, so I’m honestly not used to spreading sunscreen properly. Boy did I learn my lesson in Thailand. I had THE MOST ridiculous burn where you could literally see handprints on my belly. (I know this is probably pretty normal for other people but this was a whole new experience to me. The Thai sun is something else.)

The views from the ferry ride were gorgeous. Absolute paradise.

par•a•dise //

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The cool thing about backpacking is that you don’t really have to have a plan, and that’s exactly what we did – got on a boat and hoped to find a hostel when we got to our destination. I think not knowing what I was doing was one of my favourite parts about this vacation. Every vacation I’ve been on typically has a plan, with a goal, destination and time and place I have to be at. Not knowing where I was going to end up was scary, but also exhilarating at the same time.

Immediately after getting off the ferry we were swarmed with men holding signs, advertising their tuk tuk and hostel services, and we ended up next to two British girls named Alex and Felicity. A tuk tuk man standing next to us overheard the girls talking about bungalows and somehow convinced the five of us to hop on his tuk tuk and go to his family’s bungalow (again, sounds sketchy, but the norm in Thailand).

Turns out we picked the best random guy to stand next to. Our room ended up being 1000 baht split between the three of us – making the room $13 CDN per night. Where on earth can you find a room with both a beach and pool view, a double and twin bed, and air-conditioning for $13 a night?!? (We got so excited we forgot to bargain…) The hostel was super nice in some parts (the rooms and surrounding areas) but super run down in others. The hostel also had roosters, chicks and naked children running around. All part of the Thai experience I guess.

Our bungalow was right on the beach, and all the way down the beach were other bungalows and restaurants. We roamed the beach and found a beach-side restaurant to eat at. Obviously being in Thailand, I got watermelon juice and spaghetti.


So Thai.

After lunch we hung out by the pool and did beach yoga at sunset (which was probably one of the highlights of my trip). There’s nothing like being on vacation and doing yoga while staring at one of the most gorgeous views ever. Felicity essentially walked us through a yoga class because in 2 weeks she was travelling to India to train to become a yoga teacher. Felicity was only supposed to be gone for 5 months, but dropped everything and decided to continue travelling. Alex, his sister, came to visit her and travel a bit.


For dinner we headed back to the beach and found a different restaurant to eat at. After the amazing Hawaiian pizza I had in Ao Nang I was craving another – no dice this time, worst pizza I’ve ever had. But nothing beats a candlelit dinner on the beach with 2 of your favourite people.

My dessert consisted of coconut milk and banana. Sounds weird, absolutely delicious.

We're cute.

We’re cute.

Still not fully adjusted to the time change and super sun-burned, we went to bed. Overall we had a pretty relaxing day.


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