I didn’t sleep the greatest the night before, nevertheless, it was time for the next adventure. Our plan for the day was to visit the Tiger Temple, the Hot Springs and the Emerald Pool.

For breakfast we headed around Krabi Town and found a cute little roti coffee shop that reminded me of being home in Malaysia. Krabi Town was inhabited by a lot more Muslims than Bangkok which made it seem even more like being in Malaysia.

IMG_0274IMG_0275After breakfast we rode our very first tuk tuk to the Tiger Temple for 50 baht ($1.83 CDN). It’s crazy how different and how cheap transportation is in Thailand. Getting around in Thailand is a whole other ballgame. In Thailand it’s socially acceptable to get in a random man’s van and head back to town (but more on that later).

When we got to the Tiger Temple and at first we thought it was closed. It looked like it was under construction until we walked a little further.


Again, the architecture was amazing. Nothing like we have here in Canada.

IMG_0284Part of the Tiger Temple includes a sanctuary in the caves and home to one of the most sacred Buddhist sites in the province. The temple is also known for tiger paw prints in the cave.

IMG_0286Another part of the Tiger Temple includes the 1,237 steps to the top of the mountain. I know my limits. I know I’m not the most fit human being in the world. I forgot my puffer, it was noon and the hottest time of the day. The steps were extremely steep and unsturdy. I climbed approximately 300 steps and decided I would enjoy my day much more if I walked back down and waited for De and Jenn to come back down. Sometimes it’s best to know your limits.


The view from the top.

It took De and Jenn about 1.5 hours to climb up and back down again and the view was gorgeous. I had my own fun at the bottom of the mountain. I got a tan, people watched, ate coconut ice cream, helped a little boy clean his face after eating ice cream, and roamed around taking in the sights.

I got to literally see a monkey eat a banana.


IMG_2939 IMG_2940I also witnessed a vicious monkey attack an elderly Chinese lady. We were warned to keep our belongings to ourself and this lady was clearly too busy using her selfie stick to read the sign.

After the climb we were starving and we once again, decided to eat Pad Thai (when in Rome right…?). We learned that the Hot Springs and Emerald Pool closed at 5pm and we weren’t going to make it there on time so we took our time eating lunch and decided to head to Ao Nang for the night. After eating the worst Pad Thai of the trip the restaurant owner found out we wanted to head back to Krabi Town and she summoned a strange man (probably her husband) in a van to take us back – it sounds super sketchy, but apparently it’s super normal. Another backpacker got in the van with us so we figured it was legit.

Before heading to Ao Nang we went to another temple – which I wish I could remember the name of but it didn’t nearly have the same amount of steps.


The night market in Krabi Town was still in the process of opening, so we grabbed our backpacks, hopped on a tuk tuk for 50 baht and headed for our next stop. Our next hostel was called iDeal and because it was on the main strip, our tuk tuk took us straight there.

IMG_0302 IMG_0303

When we got to the room we were hoping it was just us 3 (because we had 2 double bunk beds) but I’m glad we had a roommate because we met Anthony. This is basically how our first conversation went…

Anthony “How long have you been travelling for?”

Us “Oh about 4 or 5 days, it’s hard to keep track.”

Anthony “Oh I know what you mean, travelling does that to you.”

Us “How long have you been travelling?”

Anthony “15 years.”

15 years. Anthony’s originally from Belgium and studied International Studies at McGill in Montreal. He doesn’t have a home. He travels for life. He gets jobs in random cities to make his way around the world and occasionally visits his family in Belgium. He said his most interesting job was selling bananas in Bangladesh. He’s also taught Creativity at an International School in Malaysia.

15 years. It’s crazy and amazing to think that people have quite literally quit everything in their lives and opted for adventure. It’s super tempting.

iDeal Hostel

iDeal Hostel

For dinner we went to an Indian-Thai restaurant and had the most delicious Hawaiian pizza (I’m doing great with this exploring new foods things…). We did some shopping at the stalls and headed to bed.


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