Still a little jet lagged, we woke up, navigated public transit again, and headed towards the Grand Palace. Here’s a little tip for someone going to Thailand during a holiday … be sure that the sights you’re going to see are open. Luckily for us the Emerald Buddha Temple was still open and jam-packed with Chinese tourists (I know how ironic that is considering I am Chinese, but I mean the “Chinese tourists that get banned from sights because they’re messy and use selfie sticks” tourists).


Although hard to get a look at due to tourists – the architecture is absolutely gorgeous. The amount of detail put into each structure puts our buildings to shame. It’s sad to see the amount of tourists (regardless of ethnicity) that disobey certain customs and traditions in temples. Tourists that blatantly ignore “DO NOT TAKE PICTURES” signs annoy me. Also, being in a family that has a temple, tourists that disrespect temple dress codes make me so angry. I myself do not practice myself, but when you visit a sacred and religious place you have to respect their rules and customs.

11187147_10152836104446935_110869220206757068_oWe ate in a shaded hocker store restaurant area with the loudest tour boat salesman ever. After yet another pad thai lunch, we headed towards Wat Pho – The Reclining Buddha. The Buddha is 15m high and 43m long (thanks Wikipedia!) and absolutely spectacular.

On the way back from Wat Pho we sat in a shaded area by the park (because I’m pretty sure we were going to melt) and got hit on by a Russian man via a terrible phone translator (he asked to “company us”). Morale of the story, never sit down in the middle of a park and allow random men to hit on you. However, sitting by the park let us meet a sweet couple from Venezuela. They asked for directions to Khao San Road and we shared a taxi back. They were so grateful to us for helping them, they paid for the entire ride! It’s always nice to meet people who are interested in where you come from, what your careers are, etc. rather than those who just hit on you.

After a long day of line hopping and melting in the sun we decided to eat at a hocker stand on the side of the road, grab Chang beers from 7/11 and drink on the rooftop at sunset. Not a bad way to end the day.

IMG_0200 IMG_0211


Thoughts? Comments? Questions? Concerns?

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