They say getting there is half the battle, but in the case of South East Asia, it’s pretty much the hardest part. A month ago today, Jenn, De and I headed to the airport for our big adventure. Luckily we were able to get seats next to each other for both flights of our trip.

The only thing I managed to write in my journal for the day was “Woooo! Time to leave.” And then I pretty much fell asleep on the plane. There’s something about the cabin pressure that makes me pass out – apparently Jenn was more affected than I was, because we pretty much heard 20 words come out of her mouth that entire plane ride.

We flew China Eastern Airlines and typically when I fly to Malaysia, I always have the personal screen in front of my seat. So I showed up expecting personal entertainment for the next 14 hours… no dice.

We watched the worst movie on the way there (The Adventurer) and they decided it was so bad, they had to play it twice in a row…

One of the things that would’ve been helpful on this trip was some sort of eReader. I have an iPad, but in fear of losing it I chose to leave it at home (clearly it would’ve been helpful to watch movies on the plane…). Luckily I had my Thailand guide on the plane so we could plan a basic outline of what we wanted to do when we landed.

If you’re taking a long flight I highly suggest airplane socks. I’m used to long-ass flights that take days to reach your destination and even I struggled on this flight. Whenever I travel with my mom her legs get swollen and I make fun of her – but this time I ended up with cankles for 3 days…I also suggest snacks, lots and lots of plane snacks.

After 14 hours of flying our first day was over – and we weren’t even there yet.

China Eastern Airlines: Review


This was our airplane, with that awful font…

  • The language barrier on the plane was higher than usual. I’ve flown Malaysian Airlines countless times, and Cathay Pacific before, and I’ve never had trouble communicating or understanding my flight attendants until this trip. I found this trip that many of the flight attendants only understood basic English.
  • No real complaints about the food – for dinner we were given a choice of 2 meals and I chose chicken & noodles, for mid-morning/mid-night snack we were served a tuna (but mostly mayonaise) sandwich, and for “breakfast” I ate chicken & rice (yes I wrote these down because my mom always likes to know what food we were offered). However, on a more premium airline like Cathay Pacific we are typically offered an assortment of midnight snacks like endless Toblerones, Häagen-Dazs, chips and cup noodles.
  • Overall, no big complaints. We were also lucky enough to have no screaming babies…BONUS!

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