The never-ending only child question.

So my mom asked me, “do you ever wish you had siblings?”

People ask me all the time.

“You’re an only child. Do you wish you had siblings? What’s it like being an only child?”

Honestly, I don’t know any different. I don’t know what it’s like to share my parent’s attention, I don’t know what it’s like to share a room, I don’t know what it’s like to have a family dinner with more than 3 people. That makes me sound extremely spoiled but it’s just the truth.

People always ask me, “did you ever get lonely as a child?” Probably. But I had my parents 100006% attention. And then it got me thinking. Maybe if I had siblings, sometimes I could get away with things I don’t get away with now because my parents are so focused on me. Maybe I’d have somebody to blame for the spill on the carpet, or somebody to stay up late and play toys with when my parents got tired.

But then again, if I had siblings I wouldn’t have had the amazing opportunities I’ve experienced. I wouldn’t have been as fortunate growing up. I wouldn’t have the amazing relationship I have with my parents. But most importantly, my best friend and I wouldn’t be as close.

My best friend Jen is also an only child. And fortunately for us, we’ve somehow manipulated our mothers into becoming best friends and are fathers are pretty much there as well. We’ve gone on family vacations together, we fix each other’s computers, we stop by and drink wine to celebrate 25th wedding anniversaries together, our dads change our tires together, we go to family functions together – in fact, if I’m not at her family function people always ask where I am.

If I had siblings, Jen and I wouldn’t have the amazing friendship that we have. We wouldn’t be each other’s first phone calls. We wouldn’t share the same brain. We wouldn’t be able to scheme and plan our futures together. We wouldn’t have seen our first N’SYNC concert together. We wouldn’t have the stupidest inside jokes. We wouldn’t have our super-not-so-secret-don’t-tell-anyone-promise handshake. We wouldn’t have our signature quote “DJ4EVA”. We wouldn’t have our pact to swear off boys with a certain name. There are so many things that we wouldn’t have done and it’s hard to imagine if my life had gone any differently.

So no, I don’t wish I had siblings. Because I am one of the luckiest girls I know and I already have the best sister in the world.

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Nothing is right in the world if you’re not half an inch shorter than me.