Hello humanity, it’s 2014.

In recent news, 7 people were killed because someone didn’t have sex. It is 2014 people. I’d like to think humanity has come a far way but apparently not. What astonishes me even more are the responses to the recent California tragedy.

or this:

What gives ANYBODY the right to take the life of someone because they “didn’t give a little ass.” (Or even more realistically, what gives anybody the right to take the life of another in general…) No means no. Elliot Rodger was seeking revenge for rejection and lack of “unfulfilled desires.” But what gives him the right to be angry at somebody’s decision to say no. Absolutely nothing. In no means am I diminishing the mental instability of Elliot Rodger and how alone he felt, nobody deserves to feel alone, but nobody deserves to die for personal choices. Girls are taught to be careful when walking alone in fear of being raped. How about, don’t rape? Girls are forced to wear certain clothing to school, boys aren’t. Earlier this month a girl was removed from her prom because a group of dads could not keep their eyes off of her. Apparently her dress choice was way too scandalous and she was “asking for it” so she was sent home. Girls who hook up with a lot of guys are sluts, but guys who rack up a high kill count are heroes.  I wouldn’t consider myself a hardcore-feminist-let-me-take-7-courses-on-equality but aren’t these things just common sense? We grow up and learn that we should treat others the way we wanted to be treated. That we should do unto others as we would have them do to us. Of course not all men (#NotAllMen) are like this. But yes, all women (#YesAllWomen) do have to deal with these issues.

It’s 2014 humanity, get your shit together.