The Things I Learned in University

So now that I’m done my undergraduate career, I figured I’d share some things I learned from university. Some of them are extremely cheesy, most of them you’ve heard already, but in no particular order, here goes:

  1. Tell people how you feel. Whether you’re angry with them, in love with them, or upset, it’s always better to get things off your chest. If you think someone is gorgeous, tell them. You’ll feel so much better and even though you might not get the answer you want, you’ll get closure.
  2. Live in the moment. Sometimes you have to forget about the exam you have in a week and enjoy whatever you’re doing – because you’ll probably never get to experience it again. If you want to hang out with someone the night before an exam, just do it. You really do only live once – may as well enjoy it.
  3. Don’t stress about the little things. So you didn’t get the perfect grade on a quiz or test, you didn’t get the shirt you wanted, or didn’t get invited to a party by accident. You’ll be fine. Sometimes you have to let the little things go. There are bigger things in life that matter.
  4. If your friends are trying to force you to join something, it’s probably because you should be doing it. Obviously this depends on the circumstance, don’t fall for peer pressure and do illegal things, but if they’re getting you to join something it’s probably because it’s fun. If I hadn’t joined Winter Carnival in first year, I wouldn’t have had the same university career. Even dodgeball this year, I had never joined intramurals and, even though it took some convincing and harassing, I’m so glad I did it.
  5. Sometimes it’s okay to stay in. Some of the best nights I’ve had have been my friends and I fooling around at home being idiots. It’s not where you are, but who you’re with.
  6. A smile can go a long way. Always smile, even to strangers. You never know how a simple smile can brighten someone’s day.

    Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.”

  7. Everything happens for a reason. Yes it’s cheesy, but there have been many instances throughout my university career where something felt like it was the end of the world and it turned out to be for the best.
  8. Stay humble. Don’t let the little things get to your head.
  9. Be grateful. Whether it’s being grateful to your parents for helping you with your education, or your friend paid for your meal, always thank them. Be appreciative.
  10. You are a student. Yes, university isn’t just about grades and marks but remember you are a student first. Do not let fun get in the way of your future. You’re in university for a reason.
  11. Everyone deserves a second chance. People make mistakes, you make mistakes. We’re only human. Don’t forget that.
  12. Enjoy it. There won’t be many chances in your life where you live within a 5-10 minute walk to 20 (or more) of your closest friends. Who knows the next time in life where you know all of the bartenders and don’t have to show ID to get into a bar. Enjoy your experience, the good and the bad, because it flies by way too fast.
  13. Take pictures and make memories. Because let’s be real, they’re hilarious to look at in the future and you’ll regret not capturing the moment in the future.

How Ted Met The Mother

There are spoilers in here, you’ve been warned.

In my personal opinion, I loved the finale. How I Met Your Mother, like the headline says, is a show about how Ted meets his children’s mother. But it’s also about life. Life never goes the way you plan. It’s about the friendships you make along the way. The memories you make, the relationship hardships, the deaths and the births. The heartbreaks, the joys, the ups and the downs. The show was always about the journey and never the destination.

“Because sometimes, even if you know how something’s gonna end, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the ride.”

Ted always had a plan to meet the love of his life, fall in love, and have kids. It may have taken him a couple relationships, a trip down the aisle, a butterfly tramp stamp and a couple interventions, but he made it. He finally met Tracy. Fate intervened, they met, they fell in love, they had kids, they got married. But like real life, shit happens. The ending wasn’t perfect, but life isn’t either.

Yes, Barney and Robin experienced a couple character setbacks. But Barney did find the love of his life, his daughter Ellie. Robin put her career first and gave up her friendships for work, but that’s Robin’s character. From the moment Barney said everything was going “great” 20 minutes in, I knew Barney and Robin were doomed.

Let’s face it, we always knew the show was going to end with Ted meeting the mother. And frankly, I’m glad that we got to know her a little bit better this past season (although I would’ve loved to see more of her, because let’s face it – Tracy is awesome). But why would Craig Thomas and Carter Bays spend 9 entire seasons showing us Ted and Robin’s love affair. The kids are right. Ted would not have spent so much time telling them a story of his love for their Aunt Robin if he truly wasn’t meant to be with her. Imagine a one season show about how Ted meets the mother at episode 24, everyone would have hated it. We wouldn’t have experienced the slap bets, the zitch dogs, the weddings, the Playbook, the nasty pizzas, and Robin Sparkles. **[Edit] After my friend Katie Fernandes and I discussed this post, I had to add something. “If the mother had died and that was all, I would have been mad cause it seemed pointless.”  It’s true. Why would we go through 9 seasons of a show just to have the mother die.**

Craig Thomas and Carter Bays gave us everything they promised (except the story behind the pineapple, but I guess sometimes things have to remain a mystery). Ted met the love of his life, but unfortunately she died.

Victoria was right. Robin was always the one and the reason why Ted’s relationships always failed. And most importantly, Marshall won the bet. Marshall always knew that deep down, fate would intervene and Ted would end up with Robin. And he did. In a way, we did get a happily ever after.

Because in the end, if you’re meant to be with someone, it’ll happen.