The Mother of All Shows

Well, it’s almost the end. The series finale of How I Met Your Mother airs March 31st. It’s coming to an end and I’ve heard a lot about how everybody can’t wait till the show is over, they just want to know who the mother is already, etc. And yes, it has been a long 9 seasons, some better than others, but How I Met Your Mother is by far my favourite television series.

The show has done a really good job at being consistent –  one of my biggest pet peeves in television shows is when shows are NOT consistent. Although they have slipped up sometimes (just barely), Carter Bays and Craig Thomas have done an amazing job at keeping the story the same throughout.

For example, in episode 200, How Your Mother Met Me the mother finds herself sitting in Ted “architecture” class where he cracks a joke about seafood and being shellfish – obviously being the perfect woman for Ted, she laughs.

Flashback to season 5, episode 2: Double Date. Ted cracks a joke about seafood to Jen about being shellfish and Jen tells him it’s really bad. At the end of the episode Jen tells Ted that he’ll “Find his shellfish lady.” Ted states, “And kids, when I told your mother that shellfish joke, she did laugh.”

Regardless of the continuous story line, my favourite part of the show is probably Marshall and Lily’s relationship. Their little quirks are what I think are the best part of relationships. The way that they pause and unpause their fights, high five whenever they agree or are awesome and are unable to sleep without one another makes me smile.

One of the things I would’ve liked to happen however, I wanted the woman who bumped into Ted at the St. Patrick’s Day party to be the Mother (partly because I made a Slap Bet – in true How I Met Your Mother fashion).

It will be interesting to see how the series will end, especially with the most recent episode alluding to the fact that the Mother may indeed be dead while Ted is telling the story to his children. Think about it this way, Ted spends 9 seasons getting over the biggest heartbreak ever, Robin. He gets left at the alter, gets a butterfly tramp stamp, and dates and breaks up with countless women. And then has 10 wonderful years with the mother, and then she dies. That’s way too much heartbreak for one person.

Yes, the anticipation has been building up for 9 seasons, but isn’t the drumroll the best part?


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