Your music doesn’t suck.

Okay let’s get this straight. Your favourite song isn’t better than someone else’s. Your favourite band isn’t better than someone else’s. Your taste in music isn’t better than someone else’s. It’s all your opinion. I’ve heard it time and time again, “why do you like punk rock, it sucks.” To you it probably does, but it is my opinion.

Although my taste in music does not belong in the top 40s, it doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate a pop song here and there. I just prefer some music that you don’t. 

This post isn’t coming from some pent up anger (okay, maybe a little…) but it’s been something I’ve been thinking about for a while.

Music is about feelings and expression.

You will interpret a song different from your best friend. You might even interpret a song different than the way the artist intended. If you really connect with that song, by all means – go for it. That’s what music is supposed to be about. Just because I don’t listen to rap on a daily basis doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate the message that a song, for example, Same Love by Macklemore, is trying to convey (although I do love that song).

Sometimes I think people need to be open minded about other genres of music and artists. We live in a society that embraces diversity and self-expression – let’s not forget that.