This video came to my attention when I saw a rant on facebook about how marketing can be super hypocritical because of this video. Don’t know what I’m talking about? Both Dove and AXE are owned by Unilever. One company embraces real beauty and the other uses provocative women to sell its products. It just shows how important transparency is and how important branding is.

I am by no means trying to diminish the great work Dove has done with promoting real beautybut it just shows how different brands can positioned by the same company.


One thought on “A new Dove Campaign.

  1. The Dove Real Beauty Campaign is one of my favourites and will definitely be used as an example in marketing classes for years to come. They did a great job of making this campaign go viral, and it still has a long lasting effect.

    I like the point you made about positioning, I never put together that two very opposite brands (which are in the same brand category) come from the very same parent company, It goes to show its al about how you present yourselves, but I think its a little hypocritical as well, does Unilever really support these values or is it just a facade to market their products?

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