This video came to my attention when I saw a rant on facebook about how marketing can be super hypocritical because of this video. Don’t know what I’m talking about? Both Dove and AXE are owned by Unilever. One company embraces real beauty and the other uses provocative women to sell its products. It just shows how important transparency is and how important branding is.

I am by no means trying to diminish the great work Dove has done with promoting real beautybut it just shows how different brands can positioned by the same company.


“Nowadays people know the price of everything and the value of nothing.”

This quote is one of the most true statements I’ve seen. You do it, I do it all the time, but it’s true. Our society has become so obsessed with goods and services. Our society is completely consumer-driven, our values and ideals have changed severely.

And yes, I am too guilty of this. If someone mentions how they like my sweater, or the latest piece of clothing I purchased, my initial reaction is to tell them how much it cost me. It’s a shame that I didn’t value the compliment that I just received, and instead, I’ve used the opportunity to prove how much money I’ve saved, or what a great deal I got. Sometimes I even find myself obsessed with trying to find a certain shirt or sweater online – and not being able to find it and purchase it makes me extremely upset. 

Being in the marketing concentration of my business program it has become more apparent to me – consumers are stupid. We all fall for it, I fall for it. The loyalty programs, the points we rack up and will never use again, why do we do it? It’s because all around us are constant reminders of the products we don’t have and the products we need in order to fit in. 

It’s a shame people don’t truly value the simple things in life – happiness, friends, family, love, health. Being a university student, my social life is mostly consistent of planning the next time to go out and spend money on alcohol. Looking back, some of the best times I’ve had at University have been unplanned and free.

Yet even after knowing all of this, we still do it – over and over again.
Just something I find interesting.